For consistent great hair days, you need someone who understands that hair is both art and science.  

(And preferably someone full of heart, too.)

Become your best self, starting with your hair

When you join me at my salon or via my podcast, I’ll help you love who you are by prioritizing your hair health, choosing looks that complement your lifestyle, and caring for yourself without comparison.



You deserve to enjoy walking into your salon 
as much as you love walking out.

I started my own salon, as well as my podcast, so I could serve my clients the way I  want to be served—
with integrity, love, and a pinch of hair-and-self-care wisdom.

  The TLC  you give your hair is a reflection of how well you love your whole self. 

Tending to your tresses should be an experience you look forward to, not a chore you dread.

You get the quality service you expect from a luxury boutique salon, 
while also receiving the honest, informal mentorship that only the very best friends and wingwomen provide.

I'll help you ...

Let’s get you feeling like your most 
beautiful          genuine self.


When you sit in my chair, you’re seen. You’re heard. You’re understood.

Choose hairstyles that complement your natural beauty 
(and that you can actually replicate at home, no problem).

Transform your hair into its healthiest, happiest state.




Brighten the internal flame that keeps you going—
even when it’s been feeling dim. 

It’s not about mermaid hair or Farrah Fawcett hair or any of the other trends to grace the industry. We start by making your hair feel gorgeous on you, instead of you wishing you could trade with someone else.

Whether you’re the go-to updo gal for all your friends or a lifelong ponytail devotee, we’ll get you to a place where you’re confident in your hair routine … and it fits seamlessly into the rest of your life. 

Hair is about more than looks—in some cultures, it’s a defining trait, linked to something much deeper about who you are. We’ll gently and honestly explore the meaning of self-love for you, beyond the beauty industry.




We’ll start building your confidence by treating your hair …

… and that’s only the beginning:

Chances are you don’t either, yet when you’re surrounded by standards set by magazines and supermodels, it’s tough to break the mold. But leaning into who you were made to be is how you can impact the world for good.

The world says
 beauty is one-size-fits-all. 

I don’t buy it.

Spent in the beauty industry, first perfecting the art of welcome as a kindergartener at my mom’s salon.

Podcast audience … listeners join from Germany, South Africa, Spain, the Philippines, and of course the US!


Other clients I’ll serve while I serve you (yes, that means I turn off my phone and never double-book).



Clients who have sat in my chair, leaving with healthier hair and a genuine human connection.

25 Years

Enter an upward cycle, not a downward spiral—in 3 simple  steps.

like yourself.



Your hair truly does frame your face—it’s the context that surrounds your smile and eyes. What does that context say about you? We’ll work to make it sync with your personality and your overall look. This might include a flattering cut, a treatment that rescues thirsty strands, a shine that brightens your natural color, and tips on how to maintain your hair between visits to the salon.

When you try to live like someone else, you experience constant internal friction. So when you’re in my chair or listening to my podcast, you’ll hear a lot of questions. What do you want? What do you prefer? How does your morning routine look? What would you do in your free time? We work to make sure your decisions about your hair echo the song inside of you. 

When you’re healthy on the outside and inside, you’re able to support the people around you in new ways. I always want you to leave any interactions feeling filled up, so you can fill up those around you. My clients are able to better care for their families, their jobs, and their dreams—all because they learn to care for their own needs and thus become sensitive to what others need, too. 

Your hair is iN GOOD  hands ... 








take the quiz

take the quiz

You may have heard about ways to best love your partner, children, or close friends.
But what about loving the person you’re with the most: yourself?
Take this quiz to learn how to take the best care of your own heart, mind, body, and spirit.

How well do you look after yourself? 



North Austin Luxury Hairstylist + podcaster


I'm Gabriela.


Too often, my clients ask for a style because someone told them they should look a certain way. No thanks! 
My purpose is to help you uncover and embrace your unique, God-given beauty—
because the world needs you, not who you think you should be. 

I’m a hairstylist who helps you look your best and a podcaster who helps you feel your best.



Hair Services

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As a second-generation hairstylist, helping women feel beautiful is in my blood. But as a human, friend, and mom to five, my real mission is helping others feel loved. When you work with me, you get the benefits of both.

Hair has always been at the core of what I do, so you’ll find a full menu of hair services and packages, all offered as part of a boutique salon experience in Georgetown, Texas.

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“Gabriela is the best! 
She really listens to what you want as your hair goals, 
and she makes them a reality. 
Every time I leave,  I feel so much better  than when I came in. 
She’s so sweet and fun to chat with. 
I’ve already recommended her to family and friends. 
I will continue to go back and highly recommend!”

| Hair Client since 2020



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Habits for practicing daily self-love
Healthy, sustainable ways to change your mindset
Overcoming the fear of judgement from others (and yourself)
Unlocking happiness from within  
And all my obsessions in beauty, entrepreneurship, and life

Habits for practicing daily self-love

Healthy, sustainable ways to change your mindset

Overcoming the fear of judgement from others (and yourself)

Unlocking happiness from within  

And all my obsessions in beauty, entrepreneurship, and life





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